The Department of Health and Human Services announced August 4, 2014, another delay in implementation of ICD-10 coding. Set for commencement October 1, 2014, DHHS has delayed the deadline by one year. Providers are required to use ICD-9 for Medicare purposes through September 30, 2015.

This most recent delay is the product of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 (P.L. No. 113-93), ("PAMA"), which permits implementation of ICD-10 no sooner than October 1, 2015. This follows a one-year delay by DHHS in September 2012 (to October 1, 2014), and the original date of October 1, 2013, set by DHHS in January 2009.

The new implementation deadline of October 1, 2015, is the earliest deadline permitted by PAMA. While still further delay is authorized by PAMA, the rulemaking of August 4th stresses the readiness of large portions of the healthcare sector and the expense of additional delay.