On June 1, 2009, Florida Governor Charlie Crist vetoed Senate Bill 714. The bill was enrolled on April 29, 2009, and clarified insurance provisions as they related to owners and associations, and required that unit owners maintain property insurance coverage for items located within their units.

The bill also extended the deadline for which local authorities could require the retrofitting of the common areas with fire sprinkler systems from 2014 to 2025. The Governor vetoed the bill based upon the retrofitting provision. Crist stated in his June 1, 2009 letter to the Secretary of State that he was concerned that the "delay would present an unacceptable safety risk, especially to Florida' elderly condominium residents". He added that he is "sensitive to the costs associated with installing the fire sprinkler systems, especially in these challenging economic times. However, in the event of a fire, public safety for residents and for the firefighters and emergency medical personnel who lay their lives on the line to provide services greatly outweigh all other considerations."

Accordingly, the deadline for condominiums to retrofit the common areas with sprinkler systems is 2014 and any other amendments of the statute in the bill are not effective.

Please see the attached letter from Governor Crist to the Secretary of the State.