During the week of May 3, 2015, 8-Ks were filed that disclosed six shareholder sponsored proxy access proposals passed and three failed.  All required three percent ownership for three years and all were opposed by the company (except Citigroup which supported the proposal).  Details are as follows (percentages are based on the total of votes cast for and against):

Citigroup Inc.  – 87% voted for (passed)

CBL & Associates Properties, Inc. – 69% voted for (passed)

CONSOL Energy Inc. – 53% voted against (failed)

eBay Inc.  – 59% voted for (passed)

HCP, Inc. – 55% voted for (passed)

NVR, Inc. – 58% voted against (failed)

Occidental Petroleum Corporation – 62% voted for (passed)

Peabody Energy Corporation – 51% voted against (failed)

St. Jude Medical, Inc. – 73% voted for (passed)

Since April 19, ten shareholder proxy access proposals have passed and nine have failed.