Last Friday, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals reminded employees that filing a Charge of Discrimination doth not make thee invincible. Benes v. A.B. Data, Ltd., No. 13-1166 (7th Cir. July 26, 2013). In this matter, a current employee filed a Charge of Discrimination and the EEOC held a mediation. At the mediation, the employee apparently did not agree with the employer’s valuation of his sex discrimination claim; he left the room the EEOC had put him in, barged into the private room containing the employer’s representatives and told them, “You can take your proposal and shove it up your ass and fire me and I’ll see you in court.” As the court noted, the employer “accepted his counter-offer;” it fired him. The Court made short shrift of Michael Benes’s retaliation claim against the employer. The Court agreed Benes’s “hotheadedness” warranted his termination, and reminded Benes that Title VII does not create a privilege to misbehave in mediation.