A jury in Dallas County, Texas, awarded nearly $3 million on April 22, 2014, in a suit contending that Aruba Petroleum, Inc., as well as other operators and service providers, had caused “environmental contamination and polluting events” through its drilling, hydraulic fracturing and production activities.  In Parr v. Aruba Petroleum, Inc., a jury in Texas’ Dallas County Court-at-Law heard evidence that due to the operation of some 22 wells within two miles of a 40-acre ranch owned by Bob and Lisa Parr, the plaintiffs and their daughter had experienced a number of health problems and suffered property damage. 

The original petition named several other defendants that allegedly had drilled wells near the Parr’s property or that allegedly had been involved in the operations conducted by Aruba Petroleum, Inc. and the other operators.  But, Aruba Petroleum, Inc. appears to be the only party that proceeded to trial.  The plaintiffs’ attorneys claim this case to be the first trial in the United States for contamination involving hydraulic fracturing.  Aruba Petroleum, Inc. has indicated that it intends to appeal the verdict.

The suit is Parr v. Aruba Petroleum Inc., No. CC-11-01650-E, in the County Court-at-Law No. 5 of Dallas County, Texas.