On 27 November 2013 the Energy Regulatory Office published the price decree no. 4/2013, which sets out the feed in tariff and green bonuses applicable to electricity generated from renewable resources for 2014.

The Energy Regulatory Office determines the level of support for electricity generated from renewable resources on an annual basis in line with the Act no. 165/2012 Coll., on supported sources of energy (the Renewable Act). Pursuant to the recent amendment to the Renewable Act (Act no. 310/2013 Coll.) the majority of new renewable facilities (i.e. those that will commence operation from 1 January 2014) will not be supported. There are however certain exemptions for new renewable facilities that will produce electricity from wind energy, water energy, geothermal energy and biomass energy; that will be provided with some support (the details of which are outlined in our previous renewable newsletter and which is available here).

The most notable rules applicable for the generation of renewable electricity in 2014 are as follows:

  • The price of electricity produced in existing renewable facilities (i.e. those that commenced operation before 1 January 2014) will increase by 2% (with the exception of existing biogas and biomass renewable facilities where the increase will be calculated differently);
  • No support will be provided for electricity produced in new renewable facilities that is generated from solar radiation and from burning biogas, biomethane and bioliquids;
  • The price of wind-generated electricity produced in new renewable facilities will decrease by 5%; and
  • The current level of green bonuses for both existing and new renewable facilities will be maintained or increased in line with the changes in prices of electricity.

The full wording of the Price Decree 4/2013 is available here (in Czech).