Over the past year, more multinational high-tech companies and high-end manufacturers have been betting big on China, expanding their presence in Asia's largest economy. The Swedenbased high-tech engineering group - Sandvik AB has five units, including mining, machining solutions, materials technology, construction and venture capital - in China each business has its own R&D organization. Samsung Electronics announced in March that it will spend US$7 billion building a factory to make advanced gadgets of NAND flash technology, a type of digital memory widely used in smartphones and tablet computers. MSD, the world's secondlargest pharmaceutical company, announced at the end of 2011 it would make a cumulative investment of US$1.5 billion in R&D in China within five years. With an overall drop in general non-technology focused investments in China over the last 12 months, the Chinese government is welcoming increased in technology focused investments with open arms.