Department of Justice Guilty Plea March 16, 2010  

Nexus Technologies, Inc., (Nexus) a privately-owned export company, pleaded guilty in connection with conspiring to bribe officials of the Vietnamese government in exchange for lucrative contracts to supply equipment and technology to Vietnamese government agencies.  

Nexus identified U.S. vendors for contracts opened for bid by the Vietnamese government and other companies operating in Vietnam. In connection with the guilty pleas, Nexus and the Nguyens admitted that from 1999 to 2008 they agreed to pay, and knowingly paid, bribes in excess of $250,000 to Vietnamese government officials in exchange for contracts. These bribes were falsely identified as “commissions” in the company’s records.  

Nam Nguyen, 54, of Houston and Vietnam, Kim Nguyen, 41, of Philadelphia, and An Nguyen, 34, of Philadelphia, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy, violations of the FCPA, and, with the exception of Kim Nguyen, violations of the Travel Act in connection with the commercial bribes and money laundering. Sentencing is pending. Nexus agreed to cease operations as a condition of its guilty plea.