This order, which came into force on the day following its publication, has been passed in accordance with Law 14/2013 of 27 September, on support for entrepreneurs and their internationalisation, and Royal Decree 421/2013 of 29 May, regulating the standardised prototype bylaws and public deeds of incorporation of limited liability companies.

The purpose of the new order Jus/1840/2015 is “the approval of the public deed model in a standardised format and encoded fields for the incorporation of limited liability companies, using the single electronic document (DUE) and the system for automated processing of the Information Centre and Company Creation Network (CIRCE)” and “the approval of the list of business activities that may be included in their corporate purpose”.

To this end, Annex I of the order contains the standardised model of the public deed with encoded fields, which must be completed by a Notary in accordance with the instructions contained in Annexes II and III. Annex IV contains the possible economic activities and pertaining codes for the determination of the corporate purpose of limited liability companies.

This new order seeks to speed up the process of incorporation of companies by introducing i) standard public deed and bylaws, ii) the single electronic document (DUE) and iii) a system of automated processing at the Information Centre and Company Creation Network (CIRCE), all for the purpose of shortening the periods for obtaining the execution of public deeds and classification and entry in the Mercantile Register, to fulfil the Law supporting entrepreneurs and to enable the latter to benefit from faster and easier processing.