The BREEAM UK New Construction 2014 was published on 27 May 2014 and will be used to assess all new buildings registered for BREEAM assessment from that date.  It replaces the 2011 version of the scheme and its publication followed a wide-ranging consultation that began in March 2013.

The changes from the 2011 scheme include major revisions to the energy sections and, according to the Building Research Establishment, the other main changes include:

  • the requirement for a percentage of the energy generated for the building to be from renewable sources has been removed, as it is already addressed in the building regulations;
  • a new credit for reporting on a project’s predicted capital costs;
  • changes to the Transport category, including revising bicycle facility requirements;
  • an alternative route for meeting the Responsible Sourcing of Materials criteria, designed to bypass the need for complex calculations;
  • shell and core buildings are now clearly defined in two parts, each with its own scope-specific assessment criteria.

Further information is available on the BREEAM website