You return to work on Monday and realize your company purchased the Batmobile at the Barrett Jackson Auction over the weekend for $4.6 million dollars. Sure, the plan was originally to add the automobile to the company’s private collection, but the plans have changed.

The Batmobile will be the new company car. It will attract attention. It will get the right clients in the door. Your task is to revise the section of the Employee Handbook addressing the use of the company vehicle. If this happens to be your Monday morning, here is a sample policy you may want to consider.

The Batmobile Policy

Certain employees (“Lucky Employees”) have been selected to use the Batmobile for business use. The use of the Batmobile is a privilege, and Lucky Employees are required to operate the Batmobile safely and to observe applicable laws at all times.

  1. Safety – The Company requires that Lucky Employees use the seatbelt at all times. Any Lucky Employee who is permitted to operate the Batmobile must be a licensed driver. Passengers are strictly prohibited.
  2. Parking – The Batmobile must be parked in the Batcave between the hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. Lucky Employees are required to use the hidden entrance to the Batcave. Contact the Human Resource Department for additional information regarding the location of the Batcave.
  3. Speed Limit – Even though the Batmobile has capacity to travel incredibly fast, all Lucky Employees are required to abide by state traffic and parking laws. Gotham Employees – The Batmobile has received a speed limit exception, and you may drive or fly at whatever speed you believe is safe.
  4. Weapons – It is prohibited for employees to use the missile launchers or other weapons that may be located in or on the Batmobile.
  5. Damage – In the event a Lucky Employee damages the vehicle, he/she must immediately report such damage to Human Resources. If a Lucky Employee is involved in an accident, police and emergency personnel must be notified immediately, and the Company must be notified as soon as practicable.
  6. Prohibited Activities- Texting while in a Company vehicle is strictly prohibited. You never see Batman texting, do you? Alcohol and drug use is also strictly prohibited. All Company vehicles are designated as non-smoking.

Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Best of luck if you ever have to draft such a policy…

If you are simply drafting a general Company Vehicle policy, you may want to consider adding similar sections, ensuring compliance with state and federal law and perhaps just removing some of the commentary related to the Batmobile.