The last decade has seen Singapore grow in leaps and bounds as a preferred forum for international arbitration, providing the perfect setting for the first Global Pound Conference event to be held on 17 March 2016.

Since the 1990's, Singapore has improved access to various ADR options to resolve disputes. Various schemes and institutions have therefore developed to encourage disputing parties to consider resolving their differences outside of formal legal proceedings. This approach marries well with one of the Global Pound Conference series' primary objectives of understanding what users of dispute resolution want and need for the 21st Century.

In this issue of our Asia Pacific guide, we shine a spotlight on Singapore to summarise that development and dive deeper into its future direction.

  • ADR in Singapore: developments and trends
  • interview with Ms Eunice Chua, the Deputy CEO of Singapore International Mediation Centre
  • Med-Arb, Arb-Med and the Arb-Med-Arb protocol
  • recent trends in governing law and jurisdiction clauses
  • Singapore's landmark global conference on the future of dispute resolution

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