Said Order maintains the rules set forth in the LPGE for 2017 pending the approval of the budgets corresponding to 2018 but carrying out the required adaptations by the legal modifications contained in rules published after the 2017 LPGE.

Order ESS/55/2018 of 26 January, by which the legal norms of contribution to the Social Security, unemployment, protection for termination of activity, Wage Guarantee Fund and professional training for the financial year 2018 are developed

Since the General State Budgets for 2017 have been automatically extended, in accordance with article 134.4 of the Spanish Constitution, the contribution rules must be kept on their own terms until the budgets for the year 2018 are approved, with the necessary adaptation to the modifications from a legal scope that have affected this area, after the publication of Law 3/2017 of June 27 of the General State Budgets for 2017.

Of the aforementioned regulations the General Social Security System must be highlighted, whose maximum ceiling from 1 January 2018 will be EUR. 3,751.20 per month; and the minimum contribution limit for work accident and occupational disease contingencies shall be equivalent to the minimum interprofessional salary in force at each time, increased by the proportion of the accrued amounts received higher than the monthly salary received by the worker, which may not be less than EUR. 858. 60 per month.