The NLRB ruled in The Guard Publishing Company, dba The Register Guard that employers may enforce a policy that prohibits employees from using employer email for "non-job-related solicitations" (including union organizing efforts), so long as they do so in a non-discriminatory manner. The Register Guard, a newspaper, gave an employee two warnings for sending emails supporting a union. The employee filed an NLRB complaint alleging that the newspaper's policy was unlawful, and that, in practice, the newspaper allowed employees to send non-work related emails. The Board found no evidence that the newspaper permitted emails urging support for other groups or organizations, although the newspaper did permit personal use of the email system for birth announcements, ticket offers and the like. Such personal use did not translate into a license to use the newspaper's email system to express union support. To avoid claims of discriminatory enforcement, employers must uniformly enforce the policy and prohibit email solicitation for any group or organization such as charities and/or political causes.