The long awaited application form for the renewal of personal licences issued under the Licensing Act 2003 has finally been approved.

Access a copy of the form here

The process for renewal of these personal licences is much simplified in that only the form and a copy of the licence needs to be provided to the relevant licensing authority. It will not be necessary to provide an up to date photograph or a criminal convictions certificate.

Applicants must complete the form and submit it to their licensing authority no later than one month before their licence expires.

Whilst licensing authorities may choose to do so, there is no obligation on the licensing authority to notify personal licence holders of the date by which an application for renewal of a personal licence must be submitted to them. The onus is on the personal licence holder to know that their licence is due for renewal, and take appropriate action.

The long term future of the need to apply for personal licence renewals remains uncertain in England and Wales, with the Government aiming to remove the requirement for personal licence holders to renew their licence every 10 years through the Deregulation Bill, which is currently before Parliament.

Holders of personal licences should check the expiry date of their personal licence and, where necessary, make an application for renewal of the licence as soon as possible.