EPA has announced that it will require new instructions and labeling for on-spot flea and tick products for pets after concluding a yearlong product investigation. The agency will begin reviewing labels to determine which ones need stronger and clearer labeling statements and then develop more stringent testing and evaluation requirements for both existing and new products. EPA’s investigation revealed a significant increase in adverse incidents concerning the products.

Among specific actions EPA will pursue are (i) requiring manufacturers to improve labeling by making instructions clearer to prevent product misuse; (ii) requiring more precise label instructions to ensure proper dosage per pet weight; (iii) requiring clear markings to differentiate between dog and cat products; (iv) requiring additional changes for specific products based on product-specific evaluations; (v) granting only conditional, time-limited registrations for new products; (vi) restricting the use of certain inert ingredients; and (vii) launching a consumerinformation campaign to explain new label directions. See EPA Press Release, March 17, 2010.