Eversheds is dedicated to help develop new areas of renewable energy. Earlier this year the Taiwanese Government issued a directive Governing Offshore Wind Power Plant Site Application, in a bid to support Taiwan’s attempt to become a low-carbon, and less energy import-dependent country. The government has firmly turned its attention to offshore wind projects since onshore wind farms are not expected to grow beyond 1.2 GW of installed capacity due to land restrictions.

Taiwan’s west coast is considered to be one of the best global locations for offshore wind resources, with currently 36 pre-identified zones for construction. The government’s programme is expected to generate more than £12 billion in business opportunities, and it is also estimated that this programme will result in 4 GW of installed offshore wind capacity by 2030. The project also delivers security, as the grid connection is guaranteed and a feed-in tariff has been set that will apply for 20 years.

The Taiwanese government is encouraging collaboration between local supply chain companies and experienced European players, in both project development roles and in the generation of a value chain in early stages of development.