The Immigration Department (ImmD) has recently updated its website and it now states that a person entering Hong Kong as a visitor may attend an event to deliver speeches/presentations if:

  • he/she will not be remunerated for speaking or presenting at the event (other than provision of accommodation, passage and meals relating to the event or reimbursement of such expenses)
  • duration of the event is no longer than seven days; and
  • he/she only attends one such event during each period of permitted stay.

Generally speaking, a person entering Hong Kong on visitor status is prohibited from taking any employment, or establishing or joining any business although he/she can carry on limited business-related activities permitted by the ImmD, including concluding contracts, submitting tenders, examining or supervising the installation/packaging of goods or equipment, settling civil proceedings, participating in product orientation and attending short-term seminars or other business meetings.

The updates help to clarify the position on whether an employment visa is required if a person comes to Hong Kong to deliver speeches/presentations.