On September 28, 2015, the Texas Department of Transportation and Flatiron/Dragados, LLC  (Developer) entered into a comprehensive development agreement (Agreement) for the Harbor Bridge Replacement Project in Corpus Christi (the Project).  The new Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge will allow larger ships to deliver their cargo to the Port of Corpus Christi, serving as an economic catalyst for the region and the State of Texas.  The current bridge was built in the late 1950s. Plans for a replacement bridge to improve safety have been in the works for more than a decade.  The proposed $800 million design-build-finance-maintain project includes construction of a new cable stayed bridge, demolition of the existing Harbor Bridge and the reconstruction of portions of US 181, I-37 and the Crosstown Expressway.  The design proposed by the Developer includes a mainspan of 1655 feet, which, when completed, will be the longest concrete cable-stayed span in North America.  In addition to designing and constructing the new bridge, the Agreement also requires the Developer to maintain the facility for 25 years.   

An RFP was issued to shortlisted teams in October 2014 and a Flatiron/Dragados consortium was chosen as the preferred bidder in April 2015.  Flatiron/Dragados LLC was one of four proposers that submitted a Proposal for the Project.  Flatiron/Dragados LLC is a limited liability company consisting of Flatiron Constructors, Inc. and Dragados USA, Inc.  The major non-equity and other team members of the Flatiron/Dragados LLC team include:

Figg Bridge Engineers, Inc.

Iridium Concesiones de Infraestructuras, S.A. (acting through ACS Infrastructure Development, Inc.)

DBI Services, LLC

Austin Bridge & Road, LP

AZTEC Engineering Group, Inc.

Beton Consulting Engineers, LLC

Blanton & Associates, Inc.

The Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory (as represented by The University of Western Ontario)

D.H. Griffin of Texas, Inc.

IEA, Inc

Kellogg, Brown & Root Services, Inc.

KCI Technologies, Inc.

M2L Associates Inc.

PaveTex Engineering and Testing, Inc.

Pinnacle Consulting Management Group, Inc.

Professional Service Industries, Inc.

Randy Burkett Lighting Design, Inc.

RJ Rivera Associates, Inc.

Ware & Associates, Inc

The parties anticipate construction to begin in 2016.