1. Which laws apply to opening care homes?

Principal regulation: Regulation on Private Nursing Homes and Elderly Care Centres. 

2. Is the care home operator required to have a presence in the local jurisdiction?

If the founder of the care home is a natural person, they must be a Turkish citizen. If the care home is founded by a legal entity, its representative must be a Turkish citizen. The responsible manager must be a Turkish citizen as well.

3. Is a special legal form required for a care home?

No, care homes are founded as social service establishments. 

4. How are the governing bodies of the care home regulated? 

Care homes must have a responsible manager. There are specific requirements for the manager of a care home, which are further regulated under the applicable legislation. 

5. Is a concession or approval by any regulatory authority required to open a care home?

An opening permit from the provincial Directorate of Social Affairs is required for the opening of a care home. 

6. Is a care home restricted in the performance of activities on the local market?


7. Are there any restrictions on how care homes may use their profits?


8. Does the government provide any type of subsidy?

An investment in the amount of at least TRY 5,000,000 for elderly care centres with a capacity of a hundred (100) or more, may benefit from various investment subsidies depending on the region of the investment.

Furthermore, elderly citizens who can prove they do not have enough income to maintain their life and do not have any assets may stay in public care homes free of charge.

9. Is there a supervisory authority in relation to the activities of the care home?

The General Directorate of Social Affairs and Children Protection performs the provisions of the applicable legislation. 

Care homes are inspected twice a year by the officials of the provincial Directorate of Social Affairs.

10. What is the number of inhabitants?

83,154,997 (source: World Bank and the Turkish Statistical Institute)

11. What is the number of inhabitants older than 65 (in %)?

9.1% Elderly dependency ratio, the number of persons at “65 and over” age group per 100 persons at “15-64” age group, is 47.5%. (source: World Bank and the Turkish Statistical Institute).

12. What is the number of care homes?

426 (total number of public and private care homes – 248 are private care homes)

13. Is there a waiting list?