On November 26, 2014, the Supreme Court allowed the claim made by Mr. Ming-qiang Zhang, President of Pacific Construction Group., against Mr. Heng-long Lee and Mr. Si-jia Lu for return of 600,000 shares of Pacific Distribution Investment.  The Taiwan High Court found that in April 2002 Mr. Ming-qiang Zhang invested 6 million NTD to buy 600,000 shares of Pacific Distribution Investment and reached a trust agreement with Mr. Heng-long Lee whereby the 600,000 shares was entrusted to Mr. Heng-long Lee, for the sole purpose of reorganization of Pacific Construction Group.  The Court held that since Mr. Ming-qiang Zhang terminated the trust agreement on September 14, 2002, Mr. Heng-long Lee should return the shares to Mr. Ming-qiang Zhang.  Although on September 23, 2002 Mr. Heng-long Lee entrusted Attorney Si-jia Lu to take custody of those shares, it is not acceptable that Attorney Si-jia Lu refused to return those shares by arguing that consent from Far Eastern Group was not obtained.