On Tuesday, May 16th, Bill C-30 — the proposed legislation to implement the Canada-EU Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) at the federal level — was granted Royal Assent by the Governor General (see Hansard No. 178 (may 16, 2017) at p. 1725). Bill C-30 is now law in Canada, although its provisions will not enter into force until a day (or days) to be fixed by order of the Governor in Council. The date(s) on which the provisions of Bill C-30 enter into force will coincide with the date on which the CETA enters into provisional application as between Canada and the European Union.

The next step for the federal implementation of the CETA in Canada is the process of making the necessary regulatory changes. This process is expected to proceed immediately. The regular edition of the Canada Gazette – Part II is published every other Wednesday, and an issue is expected today. If there are any regulatory changes for which an exemption to the pre-publication period has been granted by the Special Committee of Council — such that they will be published as law, with no pre-publication or public review period — they will likely appear in Part II either today or in an “extra edition” in the near future.

Proposed regulatory changes for which a public review period will be observed will be pre-published in the Canada Gazette – Part I. The regular edition of Part I is published every Saturday (or the Friday afternoon beforehand). It is possible that an “extra edition” of part I will be published today or before the end of the week in order to expedite the regulatory process.