Recently, European Union officials indicated that they would be proposing a ban on imports of certain biofuels in accordance with a draft law to be revealed shortly. If approved by European governments, the importation of certain fuels, which are derived from particular crops on certain types of land such as grasslands and wetlands, would be prohibited from being imported into Europe. Essentially the proposed law recognizes that while biofuels are generally considered to be environmentally friendly, policies that encourage the use of certain biofuels may lead to different environmental problems. For example, development of land for agricultural purposes that may lead to destroying natural drainage and destroying forests which consume carbon dioxide and which would lead to the endangerment of wildlife. John Pickett, a researcher who wrote a report for the Royal Society, a National Science Academy in Britain, stated "The greenhouse gas savings of each [biofuel] depends on how crops are grown and converted and how the fuel is used."

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