Extended and Shared Responsibility Bill Proposed  

Bill No. 5627-D-2015 has been proposed in the Chamber of Deputies to modify the Law for the Integrated Management of Domestic Waste by introducing the principle of "extended and shared responsibility." Under the broad bill, the principle would be defined as the waste management obligations carried out over the life cycle of a product (from production to end-of-life) by all members involved in the production chain.

National Packaging Take-Back Program Bill Reintroduced

Bill No. 5732-D-2015 (reintroduction of Bill No. 1859-D-2013) has been proposed in the Chamber of Deputies to establish a national comprehensive packaging take-back program. If the Bill is passed in its current form, producers would be required to take responsibility for their packaging waste either through payment of a fee to a new management entity or through creation of their own deposit/return systems.

Ecolabel for Domestic Cleaning & Hygiene Products Proposed

Bill No. 5656-D-2015 has been proposed in the Chamber of Deputies to require containers or packaging of domestic cleaning and personal hygiene products to be marked with use information intended to minimize impact to the environment and promote water conservation. Retailers, producers, and distributors would be responsible for publicizing and disseminating information about the responsible use of their products.

Modifications Made to Contaminated Sites Program

The Ministry of Environment (“SayDS”) has published Resolution No. 940/2015,which modifies the Program for the Environmental Management of Contaminated Sites ("PROSICO"). The modifications include altering the objectives of the Program, the overseeing authority, and the financing mechanisms.

Strategic Environmental Assessment Proposed

Bill No. 5806-D-2015 has been proposed in the Chamber of Deputies to modify the General Environment Law (No. 25.675) to require legal and natural persons to adhere to strategic environmental assessment requirements when developing a new policy, plan, or program that may negatively impact the environment.

Climate Change Strategy Guidelines Proposed

Bill No. 3775/2015 has been proposed in the Senate to establish guidelines for the design, development, and implementation of the National Strategy on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation. Among its key provisions, the Bill would create the National Advisory Committee on Climate Change ("CNACC") within the Secretariat of Environment ("SayDS").