On January 25, 2016, the UK Chartered Banker Professional Standards Board issued a press release stating that over the past year, over 187,000 bankers achieved the CBPSB’s Foundation Standard, meeting the desired target for 2015. The CBPSB is a programme that was launched in October 2011 by eight UK banks together with the Chartered Banker Institute, aiming to encourage professionalism in banking and restore public confidence in the banking industry. The CBPSB includes a Board, consisting of senior industry leaders, as well as a Professional Standards Committee, which engages in standard-setting activities. The CBPSB’s standards set out the conduct and expertise required of all professional bankers, as well as the benchmarks against which professional competence can be measured. The Foundation Standard, which is one of three professional standards (the others being the Intermediate Standard and the Advanced Standard) sets out the skill requirements and professional and technical knowledge required by all those working in the banking industry.

The press release is available at: http://www.cbpsb.org/news/news_detail.cb-psb-news-january-2016.html and the Foundation Standard is available at: http://www.cbpsb.org/filemanager/root/site_assets/publications/high_res_editions_feb_2014/90.62_foundation_standard_a4.pdf