New immigration laws will take effect on 15 August 2017 in the Czech Republic.  These will include new work permit categories for intra-company transferees, foreign investors and seasonal workers. Additionally, the new laws will provide clarification on existing processes.

The following visas/permits will be affected:

  • ICT permits;
  • Employee cards;
  • Investment based visas; 
  • Permanent residence cards;
  • Temporary residence; and
  • Long term visas 

Included in the new immigration laws, the following are expected to take place:

  • Czech Republic will implement the EU’s ICT directive.  Applications for the EU ICT permit should be processed in 60-90 days.
  • Investor visas are to be introduced for those who invest at least 75 million koruny and create at least 20 jobs. 
  • Certain in-country procedures will be permitted for visa and residence card applications.  The existing law only allows first time visa or residence card applications to be made abroad at Czech embassies or consulates. 
  • Long term visa permits are to be created for seasonal workers, who come to the Czech Republic for up to six months. However, these workers who want to change jobs will then have to apply for an employment card or residence permit.