We have previously written about the implications of social media use in the termination of an employment relationship (Workplace View, February 2012) – but did you know that social media is also playing an increasingly influential role in the recruitment and retention of employees?

According to a recent survey by recruitment firm Hayes, employers need to embrace social media within the workplace or risk losing out on prospective employees. The survey has found that one of the factors job applicants take into account when deciding on whether to take up a new position is whether or not the employer allows access to its employees to social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook at work. According to this study up to 20% of prospective employees would not join a company if it did not allow reasonable access to such websites.

So it appears as if, in this digital age, employers need to embrace their staff’s use of social media or else risk losing out on the most promising employees. This makes it all the more important to have in place well drafted policies to provide ‘guidance’ to employees on appropriate use.

Watch this space for future status updates and no doubt more cases involving social media and employment.