Effective May 23, 2008, CMS and its carriers and intermediaries will return claims that contain Medicare legacy provider identification numbers, such as PINS, UPINS, or National Supplier Clearinghouse numbers ("Legacy Numbers"). In Transmittal 1432, dated February 1, 2008, CMS stated that the use of Legacy Numbers on CMS-1500 claim forms and CMS-1450 (UB-40) claim forms will no longer be allowed. The Transmittal states that all identifiers submitted on claim forms must be in the form of a National Provider Identifier ("NPI"), and that claim forms will be returned without appeal rights if they contain Legacy Numbers. Claims will not be returned as unprocessable in situations where (1) an NPI is not required (e.g., foreign claims, deceased provider claims, and other situations as allowed by CMS in the future), and (2) Legacy Numbers are reported on the claim; such claims are to be processed in accordance with the established procedures for these claims.

A copy of Transmittal 1432 is available online.