Handbook Development Newsletter

The FSA has published issue 83 of its Handbook Development Newsletter. The Newsletter looks at:

  • Information about recent Handbook-related and other developments. This includes CP07/02 (Review of the Enforcement and Decision making manuals), CP06/21 (Investment Entities Listing Review - Further consultation and feedback on Part 2 of CP06/4) and Quarterly consultation (No. 11).
  • Information about recently-issued Handbook-related and other publications.
  • An updated timetable for forthcoming FSA publications. Included in this part of the Newsletter the FSA states that in the second quarter of 2007 it expects to publish a Policy Statement on the broader non-MiFID content of CP06/20 (Financial Promotion and Other Communications) and CP06/19 (Reforming Conduct of Business Regulation). In March 2007 the FSA expects to publish a Feedback Statement to DP06/4 (The responsibilities of providers and distributors for the fair treatment of customers).
  • Information about forthcoming conferences and training events.

Handbook Notice 62

The FSA has published Handbook Notice 62. This Handbook Notice introduces the Handbook and other material made by the FSA Board under its legislative powers on 25 January 2007. These changes consist of:

  • Completion of the necessary changes to the FSA Handbook for the transposition of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive by 31 January 2007.
  • Simplification of the FSA Handbook.
  • Introduction of new on-line reporting forms.
  • Simplification of the Approved Persons Regime.
  • Changes to electronic reporting requirements.
  • Introduction of revised financial reporting requirements for firms undertaking investment activities.
  • Certain technical changes that reflect changes to the rules and regulatory functions relating to the Takeover Panel.