2015 strapped on turbo engines and just flew by, and it is dragging 2016 behind it. 2016 promises to be an eventful year what with the Customs Control Act, Customs Duty Act and Excise Act most likely making their official debut.

As  the  end  of  2015  approaches,  everyone  is  gearing  down for the holidays and dreaming of all the goodies they hope to find under the tree in December.

Let's just hope that Customs turns a blind eye to the bags of goodies that Santa transports around the world. Can you imagine if a Customs Official managed to track the jolly elf down? The sled and Reindeer would be impounded. Santa would have a problem trying to register as an importer or exporter and would more than likely spend the next few years of his life filling out forms and applying for temporary importation.

This is not to mention the duties that would be imposed on the gifts he delivered... going back two years, of course. The North Pole would go bankrupt on duties and VAT alone. Just be grateful that you won't be selling-on the gifts received from Santa. If you did, SARS may hold you liable for any VAT and duties that Santa is unable to pay.

Santa will most likely have to apply to import certain goods under rebate of duty, which may require an application to the International Trade Administration Commission as well as an application to SARS. Luckily, the second hand vehicle he is parading around in isn't driven by an internal combustion engine so he may be able to wangle his way out of that one. Unless his goodies were entered duty paid, the sled and Reindeer might have to be licensed as a Remover. What about his Reindeer? Have they been checked by the State Vet? I doubt it!