On October 18, 2019, the European Commission issued an aide-memoire in relation to good distribution practice (GDP) inspections of medicines. The aide-memoire focuses on compliance with the Safety Features Regulation EU 2016/161 for all human medicines.   Such aide-memoire wraps several questions and issues separated per area of operation and then provides a reference either to the Safety Features Regulation or to the EU guidelines on good distribution practice of medicinal products for human use in order to find out the applicable information.   The items included within the aide-memoire refer to: (i) how to determine whether particular products fall within the scope of the Safety Features Regulation; (ii) whether the wholesaler is connected to the national repository system; (iii) whether the wholesaler has registered with the National Medicines Verification Organizations (NMVOs); (iv) quality systems that the wholesalers need to have in place; (v) details on what aspects of safety measures need to be verified; (vi) records about the safety measures that need to be generated and maintained; (vii) consequences on safety measures when medicines are returned; (viii) the system that wholesalers need to have in place for handling suspected falsified medicinal products; (ix) wholesalers' obligations in relation to the decommissioning of unique identifiers; (x) training to be carried out in relation to the implementation of safety measures; and (xi) aspects related to the outsourcing of the logistics activity in relation to compliance with GDP.   Further information can be obtained in the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/health/sites/health/files/files/falsified_medicines/inspection_gdp_aidememoire_en.pdf