The Government Actuary's Department (GAD) has issued a note clarifying the definition of "minimum pension age" for the purpose of certifying that a contractor's scheme is broadly comparable to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).

One of the requirements for broad comparability is that the minimum pension age (referred to in LGPS guidance as the critical retirement age (CRA)) in the contractor's scheme will be no higher for any individual than it would have been had the individual remained in the LGPS. The note clarifies how a member's CRA is determined (this varies according to the date of first joining the LGPS) and gives details of relevant regulations and GAD guidance.

The stated reason for issuing the note is to ensure that contracting authorities and contractors are aware that it is the contracting authority's responsibility to provide contractors either with accurate details of CRAs for all transferring members, and/or with sufficient information to enable the contractor's scheme to determine those CRAs themselves. A GAD passport certificate will be valid only if this information is provided.

The note states that a copy of it should be appended to all LGPS passport certificates issued before 6 October 2008 when they are presented to contracting authorities on bidding for work and that contracting authorities should not accept any passport issued before that date unless it has the note appended to it.