Under CAVCO's amended policy regarding proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency, producers and key creative personnel working under the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC) will be required to obtain a CAVCO personnel number in order to be eligible for Canadian content points. In order to receive a CAVCO personnel number, each eligible individual must send a copy of their proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency directly to CAVCO. Producers should be aware that as of December 31, 2010, it will be mandatory for producers and key creative personnel to have a CAVCO personnel number. Previously, CAVCO required applicants under the CPTC to retain a copy of an individuals citizenship or permanent residency documentation.

Going forward, producers and their counsel are encouraged to include necessary wording in the contracts or deal memos of such key personnel ensuring that each Canadian filling a producer-related or key creative role in their production has obtained a CAVCO personnel number. It is also encouraged that producers and key personnel apply for a CAVCO personnel number as soon as possible, regardless of whether an application for funding has been made.

Further information on the CAVCO personnel number can be found on the Canadian Heritage website.