Australia’s Monash University has scooped its university associates in being delegated the first English language .brand generic top-level domain (gTLD), .monash, by ICANN.

Chief Information Officer and Vice President (Information) of the University, Dr Ian Tebbett, commented that 'The .monash global top-level domain name will allow the university to manage all of its domain names under the global identity of Monash….  Greater control over our content and domains will strengthen our online presence and better represent Monash as a global institution … allowing us to develop a new customer-focused university web presence.'

When the University goes live it’s website will initially operate under both the new .monash domain name and its existing domain.

Although it was expected that the .brand gTLDs would be rapidly adopted by the big end of town, the Registry operator ARI Registry Services has noted that of eight .brand applications from the education sector six were made by Australian universities.