The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed the dismissal of a Clean Water Act (CW A) citizen suit because plaintiffs failed to specify which permit conditions the defendants allegedly violated. Davis v. EPA, Nos. 10-15513, 11‑11137 (11th Cir. 9/15/11) (unpublished). According to the complaint, the Southwest Florida Water Management District’s director violated the NP DES permit issued to the City of Petersburg and the district by discharging stormwater into Clam Bayou. The district court dismissed the complaint because plaintiffs “failed to allege a discharge of a pollutant in excess of the applicable NP DES permit limitations.” The appellate court agreed, holding that “appellants do not have a claim under the Clean Water Act” because they “failed to . . . explicitly state what permit conditions [the city and the district] are exactly violating.”