According to Singapore's Zaobao on May 19, Singapore and China recently signed a memorandum of understanding to promote bilateral cooperation in the trademark registration.

China is represented by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. According to the memorandum, China and Singapore will exchange trademark registration information, as well as discuss personnel training issues.

On behalf of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), Secretary Chen Yishan said: "This memorandum strengthens links of trademarks and brands between the two countries, which helps Chinese enterprises to expand business in Singapore and the ASEAN region, and provides the trademarks and brands of Singapore companies and multinational companies in Singapore with better access to Chinese market."

China will share the number of the trademark registration by local businesses in China with Singapore, and vice versa. The two countries will also exchange information in: how to handle trademark disputes, as well as changes to the laws related to trademark.

In addition to information exchange, Singapore and China are also interested in training activities, which covers areas of trademark examination, trademark opposition and litigation to resolve disputes.

The two sides will also promote exchanges between IP officials and experts, hold seminars together, and teach IP owners to protect trademarks and maintain trademark rights.