Digital signature technology is a powerful tool, that uses cryptography for providing security to conduct transactions through the network, which will allow citizens to perform a number of administrative formalities commercial, financial, legal, and other, without leaving your home, which represents a breakthrough in the insertion process in Paraguay called e-government or e-government sponsored a transparent, flexible and traceable administration.

Enabling recently the first Certification Services Provider (CSP) is a historic  and important moment for the country as this integration of the components necessary for the implementation of digital signature event are being completed.

The role of the CSP is key for the public infrastructure, since it will certify the authenticity of the identity of the natural or legal person who communicate electronically and remotely, giving them confidence to perform various acts without being present physically.

With this major step, users of Digital Certificates will benefit from:

  1. Security: to replace the manual signature on documents from the digital signature, which is in compliance with the highest international standards, guaranteeing the identity of the parties, confidentiality and integrity of information; preventing forgeries and manipulations of the content of the documents.
  2. Saving time and costs: reducing unnecessary trips to the signing of documents and reducing paper prints.
  3. More control: thanks to its digital format, all documents remain controlled and accessible at all times, facilitating their location.