On March 13, 2009, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued an item implementing the Digital Television (DTV) Delay Act, which extends the national DTV transition date to June 12, 2009. In addition to establishing new procedures and requirements for stations that have not yet terminated analog service, the item modified the agency's DTV consumer education program.

In the item, the Commission lifted the DTV consumer education obligation for stations that have already completed their DTV transition (i.e., by terminating analog operations and completing construction of their full post-transition facilities). Beginning April 1, 2009, all stations that have not yet completed their DTV transition will need to include information about antenna selection, the FCC's call center and the need to periodically rescan DTV sets and converter boxes in educational notices. In addition, some broadcasters will be required to air an updated 30-minute informational program regarding the DTV transition.

The FCC also identified certain stations that will face service losses of more than two percent of their analog service population. These stations are required to provide additional notices regarding the loss of service resulting from their DTV transitions.

A copy of the DTV Delay Act is available here.