The province of Ontario is beginning to accept applications under the newest and most generous feed-in tariff ("FIT") programme in North America, following the government’s introduction of regulations. The FIT offers very attractive rates for renewable energy projects such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, biomass, and biogas. The FIT comes as part of the province’s Green Energy Act, which has been designed to encourage development of renewable energy projects in Ontario.

The Canadian government will invest up to $1.5 billion over nine years in the ecoENERGY for Biofuels program to help promote and sustain long-term biofuels development. NorAmera BioEnergy, a company based out of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, will receive $13.7 million over seven years to support its ethanol plant in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. The Weyburn facility started operation in early 2005.