An Ohio law firm has given $14 million to 34 Ohio charities under the legal doctrine known as “cy pres” and is attempting to raise awareness of cy pres awards so they will become a standard component of all class action settlements. According to a release from the firm, such “cy pres” awards include funds leftover from class action lawsuit settlements. Cy pres allows the funds to be directed to charitable organizations. The $14 million award is significant because it is the largest cy pres of its kind in United States history. The defendant in the class action case agreed to the cy pres provision. To learn more about cy pres awards, go to www.ohiolawyersgiveback. org, a site developed to educate lawyers, judges and the public about cy pres, to inform them of the positive impact the awards will have on charities and the communities they serve, and to encourage the use of cy pres in every class action where there is likely to be a substantial amount of unclaimed settlement funds.