What the new policy is NOT:

The Obama Administration announcement is NOT an amnesty, it is NOT about granting legal status, and is NOT something that you can sign-up for! The Obama Administration made very clear that the announcements do NOT provide any way to "apply" for a work permit or "EAD" nor is there a new way to apply to remain in the United States. The change announced is not about giving people work permits or legal status. The announcement applies ONLY to cases already in the system, ensuring that low priority cases do not continue to clog up an already overburdened immigration court system.


Do NOT believe anyone who tells you they can sign you up for a work permit (Employment Authorization Document or "EAD") or get you legal status based on the Secretary Napolitano's August 18, 2011 announcement! Anyone who says that is not to be trusted! There is NO "safe" way to turn yourself in to immigration and there is NO guarantee that your case will be considered "low priority." ANY person who comes into contact with immigration authorities may be arrested, detained or even removed.

Only a QUALIFIED IMMIGRATION LAWYER can evaluate your case and tell your about your rights. Do NOT seek legal advice from a notario or immigration consultant. For more information about avoiding immigration scams go to www.StopNotarioFraud.org. Read AILA's entire Consumer Advisory here.