The Compensation Recovery Unit, on behalf of the Department of Health, currently administers the NHS Injury Cost Recovery (ICR) Scheme. This scheme allows for the recovery of NHS costs following injuries where people claim and receive personal injury compensation. The tariff and ceiling payable by compensators for the recovery of NHS charges under this scheme will be increasing from 1 April 2010.  

An uplift in the level of charges happens annually to allow for Hospital and Community Health Services (HCHS) inflation. As a result, the new charges are as follows (previous cost shown in brackets):  

  •  NHS ambulance services: £177 (£171)  
  •  NHS treatment not in a hospital: £585 (£566)  
  •  Daily charge for NHS in-patient treatment: £719 (£695)  
  •  Maximum charge in respect of injury: £42,999 (£41,545).  

This reflects the latest fi gure for HCHS infl ation, which is 3.5%. The new increased charges will only apply to injuries sustained on or after 1 April 2010.