On 24 June 2016, the Flemish government approved a green paper entitled “Solar Plan”. The plan aims to increase the installed solar capacity in Flanders by 40% (from 2,244 MW currently installed to 3,157 MW by 2020), without introducing new subsidies.

The Plan entails the following measures:

  • a “Solar Map”, which is a map of potential locations for solar panels in Flanders;
  • increased cooperation in solar energy investments (crowdfunding or “balancing at a distance” i.e. facilitating mechanisms whereby people or companies can install solar panels on someone else’s property);
  • expansion of the energy loan, increasing the maximum amount from EUR 10,000 to 15,0000 and staggering repayments over eight instead of five years for regular lenders;
  • adopting a policy framework for local storage of electricity and home batteries.

The Flemish Minister for Energy will now further elaborate and implement the plan.