By September 4, 2017, the requests for patent right evaluation reports on designs in China accumulated to 30,000. The first “10,000” of design patent evaluation reports took 5 years, the second “10,000” took 1 year and 2 months, and the third “10,000”only took 10 months.

 These 30,000 evaluation reports involve 197 sub-classes in the International Classification for Industrial Designs, covering 92.1% of the total 214 sub-classes. The industries having over 1000 requests includes bags, lights, cups and bowls and dishes, toys, furniture, beauty cosmetics, and camera, etc., which is consistent with the design patent application numbers, and also basically in line with the industries of the Quick Rights Maintenance Center of SIPO. Our design patent evaluation report system, as the beneficial supplement to the preliminary examination system for design patents, plays a more and more important role in the Internet rights maintenance, customs filing and infringement lawsuits and is recognized and emphasized by the public.