1. Certificate of Need Program

A. AL2014-023, DVA Healthcare Renal Care, Inc. d/b/a Ozark Dialysis, Ozark, AL: Proposes to relocate the existing ESRD facility consisting of 12 hemodialysis stations and one isolation station from 214 Hospital Ave., Ozark, AL, to Bunting Drive, Ozark AL. Opposition: None. 


B. AL2014-024, Regency Retirement Village of Huntsville, Huntsville, AL: Proposes to relocate 16 SCALF beds from the recently closed Regency Manor SCALF located in Gurley, Madison County, AL, to Regency Retirement Village located at 2004 Max Luther Drive NW, Huntsville, AL, through a purchase agreement. Opposition: None. 


  1. Reviewability Determinations and Pending Reviewability Determinations

A. Reviewability Determinations  

RV2014-024, Renal Treatment Centers-Southeast, LP d/b/a Wind Creek Dialysis, requests to establish and operate a 10-station ESRD facility consisting of nine hemodialysis stations and one isolation station to be used for Hepatitis B negative patients when it does not have Hepatitis B positive patients on its census for Hepatitis B positive patients being dialyzed. Status: Non-Reviewable. 

RV2014-025, Hospice Advantage, Pelham, requests an operational restructuring of Hospice Advantage Pelham (parent) and Hospice Advantage of Demopolis (satellite), by making Demopolis the parent provider. Status: Non-Reviewable.  

RV2014-026, Springhill Medical Center, requests to renovate the Emergency Department and replace existing equipment. Status: Non-Reviewable. 

RV2014-027, Montgomery Vascular Surgery, P.C., requests to add office-based, minimally invasive endovascular treatment of upper and lower extremity arterial and venous disease.Status: Non-Reviewable.  

B. Pending Reviewability Determinations 

RV2014-028, Surgicare of Mobile, Ltd., requests to add five operating rooms, 20 pre-/post-op bays, four restrooms and to expand the waiting room and business office. Status: Pending 

Opposition: Providence Hospital filed a letter opposing the Reviewability Determination Request. Mobile Infirmary Association d/b/a Mobile Infirmary Medical Center filed a letter opposing the Reviewability Determination Request.  

RV2014-029, Rehab Associates, LLC, requests to provide outpatient physical therapy only. Status: Pending.  

RV2014-030, Jackson Hospital and Clinic requests to renovate the Labor & Delivery Department. Status: Pending. 

RV2014-031, Fresenius Medical Care Anniston Home, requests to establish and operate a new ESRD center consisting of four home training stations in Calhoun County. Status: Pending. 

RV2014-032, Marion Regional HomeCare, LLC d/b/a Marion Regional Homecare, requests to relocate the home health administrative office from 1186 Military St. South, Hamilton, AL, to 234 1st Avenue SW, Ste 2, Hamilton, AL. Status: Pending. 

RV2014-033, Restore Therapy Services Outpatient requests to provide only outpatient physical therapy services in Covington County. Status: Pending

  1. Old Business

Suggested Rule Change: Rule 410-1-80.02 Contested Case Before Administrative Law Judge

Rule was approved. 

The next CON Review Board meeting will be held on October 15, 2014