The U.S. Department of Interior’s (DOI ’s) Bureau of Land Management (BLM ) has issued proposed regulations governing hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells on federal and tribal lands. The proposal includes a provision requiring operators to disclose chemicals injected into the wells during the process of creating fractures for the flow of oil or gas. The operator would also be required to submit to BLM the expected volume of fluid to be used; expected fracture length and height; and plans for recovery, handling and disposal of fluids that emerge from the well.  

Other proposed requirements include extensive information filings with BLM before drilling and reporting on what was done after fracturing. These include a detailed description of the well stimulation engineering design for BLM approval, the expected range of pressures to be used for fluid injection for fracturing, a mechanical integrity test to emulate the pressure conditions that would exist during fracturing, and the total volume of fluid used after the fracturing was accomplished. BLM will accept comments on the proposed rule for 30 days after its publication in the Federal Register.