The House Committee on Energy and Commerce recently held a U.S. Food  and Drug Administration (FDA) oversight hearing at which U.S. Reps. Ed Whitfield (R-Ky.) and John Dingell (D-Mich.) reportedly pressed Janet Wood- cock, director of FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation, about the status of pending sunscreen applications.As discussed in Issue 9 of this Report, FDA has faced criticism over its long-delayed approval of the use of eight sunscreen ingredi- ents available in many foreign countries, but not in the United States.

“We are all well aware the workload is heavy at the FDA and that resources are limited, but myself and other senators have drafted legislation to try  to expedite the approval process, which we have submitted to you for technical assistance,” U.S. Rep. Whitfield said. Whitfield apparently then asked if the FDA director was aware of the submitted legislation and if so,when he and his colleagues could expect a response. “We hope you will get a prompt response,” Woodstock reportedly said, adding that the agency is “more frustrated than the manufacturers and you all are about this situation. The problem is that we have to do regulations to get these ingredients into monographs and they are backlogged and slow to get through.”See, November 25, 2013.