In Page v NHS Trust Development Authority, an employment tribunal considered whether the removal of a director after he gave media interviews expressing his opposition to adoption by same-sex couples was discriminatory on the ground of religion or belief.

Mr Page, a non-executive director of the Trust who is a practising Christian, spoke repeatedly to the media about his views that same-sex couples should not be able to adopt. The Trust had made a number of requests that he should not give media interviews without first informing the Trust. He did not inform the Trust before speaking to the media. Mr Page was removed from his position.

Mr Page brought a discrimination claim to an employment tribunal. The tribunal found that there was no direct discrimination as he had been removed because he had failed to inform the Trust that he would be speaking to the media and because he did not distinguish between his personal views and his high-profile public position. Mr Page’s indirect discrimination and human rights claims were also dismissed.

It has been reported that Mr Page is likely to appeal this decision.