International arbitration in Finland has a similar definition to that under Singapore law. However, there is no precise legal definition of "international arbitration" in the Finnish Arbitration Act (967/1992, as amended, the "Act") or in local Finnish arbitration rules such as the rules of the Arbitration Institute of the Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland (the "Rules").  

The Act contains provisions regarding acknowledgement and enforcement of foreign arbitral agreements and awards. Such proceedings or awards are considered "foreign" when they take place outside of Finland.  

Further, the Rules contain a provision regarding security for costs of arbitration proceedings when the proceedings are "of an international character". The provisions of the Act and the Rules reflect the Finnish view that arbitration is international when one of the parties is a non-Finnish entity or the place of the arbitration or the award is outside of Finland and this is reflected in practice.

As in Singapore, an arbitration agreement must be made in writing and foreign arbitration awards are disregarded only in cases of serious breaches of due process. This would be the situation when the proceedings or the award are considered to be in contradiction with the fundamental principles of the Finnish legal system (the 'ordre public-principle').