Nick Clegg has made the case, again, for further investment in infrastructure (naming, in particular, transport, energy and digital communications), at a speech today at the LSE, with a summary of what the Government is doing to bring forward important infrastructure projects. There is a plug too for the national planning policy framework (NPPF) and the presumption in favour of sustainable development: "Under our plans, if a development is sustainable, the starting point is: it will go through." "This isn’t anything-goes-planning, or the death of the countryside. We are putting local people in the driving seat in a way they never have been before. Scrapping top down, regional decision-making so local people can choose the areas they want developed – and those they don’t. And, crucially, making sure they get the roads, rail, housing and other infrastructure their community needs."

When he returned to the Cabinet Office, he may well have seen in his post the letter from the British Council of Shopping Centres (BCSC) pressing the case for a variation on the theme of TIF. From what I have read, this looks something like the model used in the US which they call "pay as you go" where the developer takes more of the risk, but with locally retained "taxes" still being utilised to meet the cost of the infrastructure investment. This new model is being called "Local Tax Reinvestment Programme" or LTRIP. A new acronym is born!